Choosing Security Camera Lens for Better Surveillance


Today, security cameras are less expensive and come with a wide range of sophisticated features. The most important feature that affects the video surveillance is the camera lens. Choosing the correct lenses for your security cameras is an essential aspect of capturing better videos and images from the surrounding environment. Learn more about different types of security camera lenses here to simplify your purchase decision:

  • Fixed Lenses: A fixed lens cannot change its direction to change the field of view and only focus in a specific direction. You can adjust the lens to correctly focus the area you want to monitor. A security camera with fixed lens would work well in a place where objects are at a consistent distance away from the camera. Monitoring the entrance or exit gates of a room, home, and office can be done perfectly using fixed camera lens.
  • Monofocal or Varifocal Lenses: Both these types of lenses are adjustable and you can manually adjust the camera lens. Monofocal lenses have only one focal length – 16mm or 3.6mm. Varifocal lenses have focal length ranging from 2.5–6mm or 5–50mm. With varifocal cameras, you can easily optimize the camera picture for your specific security needs.
  • Auto-Iris Lenses: They are designed for applications in areas with variable lighting conditions such as outdoor areas.
  • Zoom Lenses: These camera lenses can automatically move and adjust the focus to increase definition of an object, depending on the level of high or low brightness. They are perfect for monitoring large areas such as parking lots.
  • Motorized Varifocal Lenses: The field of view in motorized varifocal lenses can be changed from your connected smartphone or DVR. Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) security cameras have motorized varifocal lenses and must be installed in places that need high security.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when shopping for camera lenses is the smaller the lens’ focal length, the wider will be the field of view. Camera lenses have dramatic effect on the video surveillance quality. Buy a security camera and select the lens type taking in consideration your surveillance needs.