Features & Advantages of IP Network Cameras


If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable security camera, then IP network camera and its flexibility will meet your surveillance needs. Internet protocol (IP) surveillance cameras are digital video cameras that can send and receive videos and images via a network and the Internet. As an alternative to analog CCTV cameras, IP surveillance systems are being used in homes, offices, corporate buildings, retail spaces and even by small businesses.

Features of IP Security Cameras

  • IP security cameras have much higher resolution than other surveillance systems. With better recording resolution, you get more usable videos and better evidence.
  • IP cameras are wireless and work through a network. You can view what is being captured in real-time 24/7 using your smartphone or mobile device connected to the Internet.
  • You can add more security cameras to your existing IP surveillance system and expand to 17 cameras, without the need for buying another DVR unlike in analog cameras.

Advantages of IP surveillance systems

  • IP cameras can capture images at very high pixel count, making it easier for you to discern faces, objects, and other details.
  • You need little infrastructure to install IP security cameras so they are cost-effective and budget-friendly surveillance system for your home or office.
  • All the images and videos captured by IP cameras are being stored in digital format. You can easily access and view data from any location.

IP surveillance cameras are increasingly replacing analog CCTV systems because of their high performance, powerful media processor, embedded web server, and highly sensitive sensors. IP cameras have been designed to be highly flexible for personal or professional use.