Five Strategic Locations to Install Home Security Cameras


Installing home security cameras is one of the most effective ways to deter crime and keep your family safe & secure. However, monitoring each and every square inch of your home by installing home surveillance systems is both expensive and impractical, so it’s important you prioritize what locations you want to monitor the most. Below are the five strategic locations where installing home surveillance systems would give you the best results:

  • Entrance and exit gates: It has been found that 57% of burglars enter your home through the front and back doors. Install security cameras in both front and back doors and enclose them in mesh wiring to avoid any damages by intruders.
  • Garage: Be it your bike, car or high-priced sporting items, many people keep their high-valued equipment in their garage. By installing a security camera here you can prevent intruders to enter or break in through the garage door and gain access to your valuable possessions.
  • First-floor window: Do you know 23% of burglars break in through the first floor window? Place a surveillance system at this entry point to catch the face of any “window peeper.”
  • Backyard: Most of the homeowners install security cameras in their front doors and windows, and forget protecting their backyard from intruders. However, in reality, backyard is an attractive entry point for burglars, especially at night time. Install an outdoor security camera to get a clear view of your backyard at all times.
  • Basement stairs: Your basement may have access hatches and small windows that can be easily used by intruders to enter your home. Install a motion activated security camera that comes with night vision to secure your basement.

Placing security cameras in these common areas will prevent burglars to break into your home and help you keep your house safe from intrusion.