System Maintenance & Servicing Needs:

Even the most advanced systems will degrade over time and break down eventually. With proper care and maintenance the longevity and functioning of your system will be enhanced significantly. Dust and dirt accumulating inside your DVR System will clog air filters and the electronic components, which can result in overheating and system failure. Taking preventive measures year-round will prolong the life of your system, keep it running more smoothly and prevent unnecessary problems. Our customers can get our exclusive maintenance agreement. For a minimal monthly fee you can prevent costly repairs and replacements on your current CCTV System.

With our Maintenance Agreement you will receive:

  • Up to 4 on-site maintenance visits per year from our trained technicians, who will check, clean and adjust your DVR(s), cameras, and connection equipment as well as check the overall proper operation of your CCTV system.
  • Up to 5 hours of telephone tech support per year.
  • Up to 10 hours of on-site tech support per year (minimum of 2 hours per visit).
  • Free software upgrades.
  • Discounted rates for service charges and installation costs beyond the included services mentioned above.

Time for Maintenance or You prefer not to wait until issues arise?
Contact us to schedule maintenance service or request a maintenance plan quote.

Warranty expired?
No problem, contact us for a service plan quote.