What are Security Camera Form Factors?


A camera form factor helps you determine the type of security camera body that can range from dome cameras to PTZ cameras. Since different types of cameras are suitable for monitoring different locations of your premise, so camera form factor will help you select the best video surveillance system for your home or office.

According to some reports, the video surveillance market has grown by as much as 45% over the last decade. With the increasing number of security cameras worldwide, people need to select the security camera that is best suited for their place and also serves their surveillance needs. There are many form factors available in security cameras:

Box, dome and bullet are the most common categories, but there are different variants within each category. Box cameras are easy to install on a wall or ceiling and are available in outdoor-rated environmentally protected enclosures. Dome cameras are aesthetically pleasing and available in different varieties such as IP-66 rated domes, vandal proof domes, and PTZ domes. Bullet cameras can be installed almost anywhere. Bullet security cameras come in a wide variety of lens options, IR illumination powers, TVL resolutions, and other control features.

You can even find covert cameras that are designed in the shape of items such as smoke detectors and clock so they do not attract attention of people. Selecting the right style of security camera with the right features is essential to protect your home from intruders. You can improve overall security of your place by selecting the ideal surveillance system based on the camera form factor.