Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras: Pros and Cons


Wired or wireless? This common question often lingers in minds of people when they plan to install security cameras for home or office monitoring. With burgeoning crime, security has become a major concern for all. As more new types of cameras have entered the security system landscape, it has become difficult for people to decide which one is suitable for their security needs. There are primarily two different types of CCTV setups: wireless security camera systems and wired security camera systems. Both come with their individual advantages and disadvantages.

Wired security cameras: Pros

  • Wired mode makes sense for your current home setup. Wired connection offers better connectivity in situations where your camera is out of range from wireless router.
  • Wired cameras are not subject to signal interference from baby monitors, car alarms, telephones, and wireless networks.
  • No need to place it near power source, you can install it wherever you want.

Wired security cameras: Cons

  • As you require power and data cables for wired security cameras, they are complex to setup.
  • Cables and wiring can cause tripping hazard.

Wireless security cameras: Pros

  • Installation of wireless surveillance system is generally easier.
  • They provide superior audio and visual footage as compared to wired cameras.
  • Wireless security systems use replaceable batteries so they continue to work even when power is out.
  • As they don’t require hardwiring so they can be easily upgraded or shifted to another location without much hassle.

Wireless security cameras: Cons

  • A wireless security camera is prone to hacking because it relies on transmitters and signals.
  • They have an increased risk of signal loss or interference from cell phones, cordless phones, and adverse weather conditions.
  • Wireless surveillance systems are required to be installed in a relatively close proximity to a power source.
  • Depending on your security needs, install wired or wireless surveillance cameras at the right place to protect your premise from intruders.